About Us 

New Kids On The Block

We are the new kids on the block, starting our business only at the beginning of the 2019 year. However, don’t let the newbie status scare you, as we have secured some of the most reputable manufacturers in our industry today.

We may be a young rep group, but we pack plenty of commercial furniture experience ranging from installation/design/and of course sales. We can’t wait to meet your team and look forward to building an everlasting relationship with you!


Innovative Manufacturers

We offer a wide range of manufacturers that are committed to success and compliment each other.


We live in the digital age, waiting 24-48 hours for a representative to answer back is behind us. 

Level of Experience

We may be new to the representative market, however we are not new to the commercial furniture market. Starting at the bottom as a Union Furniture Installer, and moving our way up to the sales department within major mid and contract level dealers, gives us an edge of understanding the needs, that the average rep may not understand on both the dealer/designer and end user levels. 

Our Workplace Superhero

Adam J. Molbeck


"Hi", I'm the new kid on the block! I founded this manufacturer representative group to share my love and passion for commercial furnishings with others! From starting at the bottom as a Union (Teamsters) Commercial Furniture Installer, I sponged knowledge from different markets and worked my tail off to move up through the system and secure my first sales position. In short, here is where I realized what my next step would be, create my own business from scratch, secure some of the top commercial furniture manufacturers, and share their products for the world to see!

I still have a lot to learn, but rest assured I am a human sponge and am dedicated to growing my manufacturers brands as well as my own. I wouldn't be here without my design/dealer network. That said, I vow to be the most knowledgeable and responsive representative in our market, hands down.

And of course, having some fun along the way!

Upcoming Events


October  24th

RSP Architects and Design "Pillow Talk" Event

4:00pm - 5:00pm - @RSP w/ Allermuir, Goodmans, and Maharam 


November 13th

Allermuir CEU Lunch and Learn hosted @ SPSPlus Architects and Design

12 pm - 1 pm at SPS Plus Architects and Design


Jan 23rd 

Allermuir CEU Lunch and Learn hosted @ Triarc Design

12 pm - 1 pm at Triarc Architect and Design